How do I make a payments?

We accept checks and cashier’s checks by mail. Please make the check payable to Baseline Financial Services and mail it to:

Baseline Financial Services

P.O. Box 8510

San Jose, CA 95155

Do we sell your information?

No, we don’t sell any personal information. For more information, please view our Privacy Policy on our site.

Is there an upfront cost?

No, we provide our services on contingency basis.

Do we only collect in California?

Yes, we only collect in California for over 20 years. If we do get out of state accounts, then we forward them to attorneys who are licensed to practice law and collect in those states.

Is customer data secure?

Yes, the data in our server is encrypted and in a secure location. We also do backups daily onsite and offsite that are also encrypted.

Do we collect on commercial and individual accounts?

Yes, we do debt collection on business to business transactions as well as personal debt.

What is the smallest and largest size debt that Baseline Financial Services will help collect?

For our clients the average claim needs to exceed $1,000. We have handled debt size of greater than $100,000.