Our Mission

Baseline Financial Services, Inc.. is a full service California debt collection agency handling all types of bad debt.  We work on a contingency basis; only keep a percentage of the amounts we collect. If there is no recovery, there is no fee. Our contingency rates vary, depending largely upon the age and volume of the accounts placed in our office for collections.

BFS, Inc. was founded in San Jose, CA in 1994. We are not a National Collection Agency; we focus our efforts locally in California. It has always been our position that a Collection Agency can do a much better job when operating at a “local” level collecting all types of debt.

Our professional debt collectors have more than 10 years of collection experience. They are well-trained to adhere to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and California’s Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practice Act, to excel in skip tracing, and legal collection.

At BFS we have two goals in mind: to succeed in collecting our clients’ past due debts and to do it legally and professionally. Our clients have worked years to develop and maintain a good reputation in their respective industries. It is our job, as their debt collection agency not only to collect their past due receivables, but also to do so in a manner that will not tarnish our clients’ reputations.